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Does this Sound Familiar – One Lady’s Search for A Solicitor?

I was going through a divorce and my soon to be ex-husband and I couldn’t come up with a solution for how we were going to split time with our child. He was being very difficult with everything I told him and wouldn’t agree on anything with me. I didn’t want to but knew I would have no other choice but to find a Birmingham solicitor to help me.

Since I didn’t know anything about the solicitors that practised family law in the area, I went online and searched. I found several of them and a few of the names rang a bell once I saw them. I was able to read reviews on Google from past clients that had hired them and from there, I found a few of them to call. I wanted to ask some questions and find out more before I hired them.

After calling around to see what they had to say, I was able to narrow down my options. But before making a final decision, I wanted to ask around to see if anyone I knew had hired one. I went to Facebook and posted a status update asking for information. I received some great feedback about the lawyers I had narrowed my options down to and I knew that no matter which one I hired they would be able to help me.

I finally decided who to hire and got them all the information they needed and paid them. They have been able to help get our child custody dispute resolved and it was really easy for them to do. Although my ex-husband didn’t want to agree with me, he really didn’t have a choice since I hired the best Birmingham solicitor to help me.